Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodreads and Apple Pie by Virginia Mckevitt

   Created in 2006 by Otis Chandler, Goodreads has become the social platform of 2012, for readers and authors alike. Chandler believed he could create a site where the reader could review and recommend books to fellow readers by creating a library of reading lists and discussion groups. A year later the site had over six hundred thousand readers and an estimated ten million books cataloged. It has become "the" social network for book lovers in the United States and around the world.
   Today Goodreads has between seven and ten million members with an average of twenty million visitors each month. Goodreads is a great place for authors and readers alike, to meet and share in a friendly "no spam" atmosphere. The site is built around reading and has something for anyone who likes to read. There are several discussion groups on multitudes of topics for everyone.
   Goodreads is free to join. Sign up and create a profile. From there you can add a shelf of your favorite books. You can even rate, review and recommend what you have read to your fellow readers.
   Writers, it's a way for you to get to know the tens of thousands of readers in this world who are just waiting for that next best book. Obey the rules, be friendly and mingle, just like you would at any other family gathering, because that is what Goodreads is, a family who devours books like your grandma's apple pie.
   is the author of FRACTURE The Secret Enemy Saga.