Sunday, September 2, 2012

Interview with Tegrin Voluntas Dea

Today I am interviewing a very unusual individual. He is Tegrin Voluntas Dea.

 A mountain of a man walks in from behind the sound both. He is dressed in leather and reminds me of a gladiator or a soldier of Rome. His hair is braided and he is marked with tattoos. He looks in my direction and I shiver. His eyes are gold and intelligent He carries himself with grace, like a cat on the prowl. This should be interesting.  

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Tegrin. Can you tell us about yourself.

(a long silence)

My name is Tegrin Voluntas Dea of the Lion Clan. I am in the Royal Guard of King Yorandt in the Kingdom Of Patwain. You would say I am his right hand man, even though he is left handed.
I am a warrior as are all of my people but my true title is a Slayer or Assassin for the King's Pleasure.

Well I was going to ask you what you do for a living but that pretty much sums it up.

Tegrin laughs. and sits on the stool I offer him.

I clear my throat.

To be blunt, how do you feel about killing someone?

I have no "feeling" about killing. It is a necessary part of my society. He leans forward and rest his elbow on one knee. In my world there is almost no violence or murder. To do so would be a death sentence, carried out swiftly, with no trial or judge. My king's laws are rarely broken.
It would not be wise for your name to fall from the lips of the king.

Your king sounds pretty ruthless.

Tegrin's jaw tightens.

You will not find a more just or honorable man.

Well, lets change the subject. Who is Kristina?

None of your business.

Um, okay.
Why are you in our world?

To kill the Couton whore Alexasia, who has defied the king.

How do you plan to do that? Do you have someone helping you here?

This interview is over.

Door slams.

Is he gone? He is? Whew. I think I'll stick to authors from now on. These characters are a bitchy lot. Until next time folks. have a good evening and if I was you I'd stay away from anybody named Alexasia.