Saturday, November 23, 2013

The 24 Days of Christmas Star Studded Cast

It’s almost here!!!! The 24 Days of Christmas Virtual Book Store will be open in just a few days. Here is a list of the  wonderful authors who were kind enough to be a part of this huge event. Come by, browse, talk to your favorite authors, and meet some new favorites. You won’t be disappointed:
(not in any particular order)

1~CM Stunich
2~Patti Roberts
3~Morgan Kearns
5~Reba Ponder Weiss
6~Karli Rush
7~Shea MacLeod
8~Patricia Macias
9~Tracee Ford
10~Tara Rose
11~Dionne Lister
12~Lizzy Ford
13~CM Wright
14~Mary Moriarity
15~Deborah Gafford
16~Christine Zolendz
17~Gabrielle Bissett
18~Airika Phoenix
19~Jamie Salisbury
20~Darlene Kuncytes
21~Alexandra Anthony
22~Willow Cross
23~Nely Cab
24~Kristine Cayne
25~JD Nelson
26~RM Gilmore
27~Julie Cassar
28~Constance Phillips
29~Megan Parker
30~Nathan Squires
31~Amy O Neil
32~Gracen Miller
33~Jennifer Howard
35~Danielle James
36~C. L. Pardington
37~Cameo Renae
38~Erica Stevens
39~Marian Lanouette
40~Cynthia Lucas
41~Tonya Brown
42~Richard Long
43~LaVerne Thompson
44~Reba Ponder Weiss
45~Aliyah Burke
46~R M Gilmore
47~Virginia McKevitt
47~Laura Howard
48~Belinda Boring
49~Krystal Shannon
51~Sherry Foley
52~Angela Orlowski Peart