Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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FRACTURE The Secret Enemy Saga by Virginia McKevitt

by Virginia McKevitt
(Georgia, USA)

Hi Shelley,

Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my book marketing strategies.

First of all, I am new at this game, so reading what other authors have done to market their books and make them successful was critical for me. Sites like yours and other experienced writers have been a tremendous help to someone such as myself. That said, here is what I have learned:

The internet is a virtual marketing smorgasbord avenue. I have put my book and myself on every social media site I can find; Facebook, twitter, Goodreads, She Writes, and the list continues on and on. I feel the best of these however is Google+ and Facebook. There seem to be a wider audience for me there.

I haven't stopped there though. I have created a blog and even a book trailer for my marketing campaign, and am now hunting reviewers with a rabid zeal. I connect with other bloggers and new writers whenever I can and try to pass on what I have learned.

It's hard work because you don't have the backing of a big house on your side, but you do have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing all you can to get your book, and really you out there.

FRACTURE The Secret Enemy Saga has had three 5 star reviews at Amazon.com and is waiting review currently on several sites. The challenges are huge, but I'm confident that I can meet them, after all I just published my first book.

Thanks again, Shelley

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FRACTURE The Secret Enemy Saga by Virginia McKevitt

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