Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Stage32 and the Big Picture

Have you ever had someone tell you your book would make a great movie? I’ve had people tell me that before (and not just my family or friends who want a free book).  Readers who I have never met have written to me on several occasions and have made comments to that affect.

Its flattering and I love it but could it happen? My and your best chances might just be in the following post.

A few days a go I was asked to invite other “creatives” in my field to Hollywood’s number one meeting place for the film and theatre industry. What does a site for the film making industry have to do with writers, you ask? I asked myself that very same question when I joined back in May of this year. After perusing the site and talking to a few people who seemed to be in the know, I decided, what did I have to lose. This is what I have come away with;

Stage 32 is a network designed for the film, television, and theater, including some of the most creative talent on the planet. It has over 70,000 members in over 180 countries and growing. It was created by Richard Botto and Curt Blakeney, industry leaders in their own right, with the belief that networking is the key to perfecting one’s craft, something writers are well aware of. It is a community of professionals and creatives who are committed to each other and to the reality of making their dreams come true. It is a place where talented people gather to discuss their projects and find open doors to success.

32 was originally geared toward the film and theater industry but has expanded to include the craft of writing, including authors, editors, and cover artist in fiction and non-fiction alike. Let’s face it, we are all looking to expand our horizons, to grow and challenge ourselves, to become better.

Is it like Facebook? Loosely, yes. Facebook is a community where we share everything; our family, our pets, what we ate last night, and our writing, Stage 32 is not. It is a community built around your professional profile, your resume, so to speak. When you connect with others on 32 it is your brand, the writer, cover artist, or reviewer, etc. they see, not how our cute pets do funny things.

Here are some words from CEO, Richard Botto:  

“What we hear from our users is that Facebook is great for family and friends, but not for networking to find jobs, form partnerships, etc. And LinkedIn is more geared toward corporate types as opposed to creatives. Additionally, their forums are littered with spam, whereas we have a zero spam policy.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the fun stuff that’s on Facebook, not to mention the exposure for my books but I also like the idea that there is a site that is a little more business-like, and may give me the opportunity to expand my brand into a wider arena.

Going back to exposure, just the sheer number of people who will see your work will increase dramatically, worldwide. Who wouldn’t be thrilled with that? Getting readers is what it’s all about.


That is what Stage 32 is. A place to grow your contacts and build a network of like minded people, as well as opening doors to a whole new world of possibilities. Is it for everyone? That is for you to choose, but what writer doesn’t dream of seeing their work on the big screen? Someone, somewhere in this community might just read your book one day, and the rest, as the saying goes, “is history”. You never know who might be looking for the next big one (I already have my actors picked out, lol).

Here are three indie titles that are going to be movies:

Lisa Gace’s Angel Series, Colleen Hoover’s Slammed, and Hugh Howey’s Wool.

Not everyone is interested in having their book transformed into a movie, I understand that, but for those who have the dream, Stage 32 might be the door. So come on. Check out Stage 32. You just might want to stay.

Virginal McKevitt is an American author of fantasy. Her 5 star novel, FRACTURE The Secret Enemy Saga can be broadly described as fantasy incorporated with elements of the paranormal, suspense, mystery and romance (I couldn’t help myself). FRACTURE The Secret Enemy Saga is available in paperback at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.com, and as an e-book through Amazon and Smashwords. Book two The Hunted is available as an e-book at Amazon.com and Smashwords.