Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review for Katie Jennings~When Empires Fall

5.0 out of 5 stars Family feud with a twistJune 15, 2013
virginia mckevitt (Geogia, USA)

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This is a great read! Money, murder, power, and greed. It has it all. It's a story that spans several generations of a family who own a high end hotel empire, but the main story is about the New York part of the family. Four siblings who are dealing with relationships, a socialite mother, a grandfather who murdered his own father to gain power, plus a self-destructive dad.

Jennings character development and story arc is excellent. You find yourself in visual contact with each character, either urging them onward or telling them to get a life. This is a character driven story with many individuals, but you won't be confused. Each character has been laid out in full flesh and bone, unique personalities and motives. "When Empires Fall" is not a disappointment. I give it 5 stars

Sunday, June 9, 2013

review for Deborah Gafford's~You're in Good Hands With Al Tate

Laugh out loud funny!June 8, 2013
virginia mckevitt (Geogia, USA)

This review is from: You're in Good Hands with Al Tate (Kindle Edition)
I decided to take a break and and do something different, and I'm glad I did. This is a laugh out loud romantic comedy that will make you feel good from beginning to end. Deborah Gafford gives you tons of passion and humor. It is well written and enjoyable.

Al Tate, is a stockbroker who is tired of the city life and dreams of moving to the country. Susan is a small town girl who writes steamy romance for a magazine and dreams of the big city. She moves into her new apartment where leaky faucets and loud noises outside are an aggravating distraction. She goes to check out the loud noises outside and that is when all the fun begins. No spoilers, I will just say, you will not be disappointed.

Ms. Gafford's characters are well fleshed out and the humor will have your sides hurting from laughing so hard. It is fun to watch Al and Susan as they trip and fall over themselves and each other until...