Thursday, November 28, 2013

The 24 Days of Christmas first five days of Awesome Authors

Get your shopping carts ready facebook! Here is the first group of Awesome Authors and there wonderful books, ALL at under a dollar at The 24 Days of Christmas Virtual Book Store!
Birthright by Willow Cross
Hearth, Holly, & Honor by Aliyah Burke
Tempted:The Dark Hart Chronicles by Alexandra Anthony
Council Courtship by Constance Phillips
Fall from Grace by Christine Zolendz
Curtain Call: A Death Metal Novel by Nathan Squiers
In It To Win It by Morgan Kearns
Dying To Live/Fighting To Live By CM Wright
Creatura by Nely Cab
Loving Liberty by Belinda Boring

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The 24 Days of Christmas Star Studded Cast

It’s almost here!!!! The 24 Days of Christmas Virtual Book Store will be open in just a few days. Here is a list of the  wonderful authors who were kind enough to be a part of this huge event. Come by, browse, talk to your favorite authors, and meet some new favorites. You won’t be disappointed:
(not in any particular order)

1~CM Stunich
2~Patti Roberts
3~Morgan Kearns
5~Reba Ponder Weiss
6~Karli Rush
7~Shea MacLeod
8~Patricia Macias
9~Tracee Ford
10~Tara Rose
11~Dionne Lister
12~Lizzy Ford
13~CM Wright
14~Mary Moriarity
15~Deborah Gafford
16~Christine Zolendz
17~Gabrielle Bissett
18~Airika Phoenix
19~Jamie Salisbury
20~Darlene Kuncytes
21~Alexandra Anthony
22~Willow Cross
23~Nely Cab
24~Kristine Cayne
25~JD Nelson
26~RM Gilmore
27~Julie Cassar
28~Constance Phillips
29~Megan Parker
30~Nathan Squires
31~Amy O Neil
32~Gracen Miller
33~Jennifer Howard
35~Danielle James
36~C. L. Pardington
37~Cameo Renae
38~Erica Stevens
39~Marian Lanouette
40~Cynthia Lucas
41~Tonya Brown
42~Richard Long
43~LaVerne Thompson
44~Reba Ponder Weiss
45~Aliyah Burke
46~R M Gilmore
47~Virginia McKevitt
47~Laura Howard
48~Belinda Boring
49~Krystal Shannon
51~Sherry Foley
52~Angela Orlowski Peart