Friday, March 14, 2014

Review of Immortal Prophecy (The Immortal Prophecy Saga) by Samantha Adams

Vampires! Prophecy! Immortality!February 28, 2014

Ally DeCosta receives an awful reading from a fortune teller that comes true when her parents are killed. Five years pass and Ally is a scarred but strong-willed person who keeps everyone at arms length including her best friend Kat. She is a private investigator whose life always seems to be on the edge. Her life is in danger, threatened by an ancient vampire but guarded and rescued by a handsome stranger, James Carlisle. The vampire wants to destroy Ally before a prophecy she knows nothing about is fulfilled and before she can become an immortal.
Will James help Ally find out who she really is, or will the vampire, Vincent, destroy her and change everything? I enjoyed this story more than I thought I would. Ally is a strong character and the book is mostly written from her point of view. James is devoted and caring and Vincent is the bad guy we all love to hate.
The cover drew me in because it is truly beautiful. The series seems promising and except for some grammatical errors(the reason for the four stars) I found the story intriguing.