Friday, July 6, 2012

The Art of Lying

 Fiction writers are the best liers in the world. They have to be or they would never sell a book. You name it, a good author can write a story about it. Does it mean we are experts on our writing subject. Probably not (have you seen any vampires or dragons running around lately), but with imagination, research and good old lying a writer can transform a stack of dead trees into a world of fantasy, fear, science fiction, or romance, and readers everywhere want to believe it.
   That is what writing is all about. Taking those pages of lies and transforming them into believable bits of time that takes a reader away from their everyday lives and on a journey. That is what reading is all about. Every genre has a different set of lies. Some lies are based on real life situations, others on the utterly fantastic (there's that dragon again).
   Do you have a pack of lies you would like to share with world? Get started before the zombies get you.