Monday, July 2, 2012

Paranormal Romance~What makes It Hot?

   Paranormal Romance is one of the hottest genres (actually a sub-genre of fantasy) on the market today. The titles and book covers alone can make one break out in a sweat, but what is it that makes you want to read about romantic encounters with beings from other worlds or vampires and werewolves? Is it the old concept of forbbiden love or the thrill of the bad boy (or girl) image mixed up with fangs and wolf fur?
   Dragons and wizards are sitting on the back burner while muscled bodies and creatures who howl at the moon warm the beds of the humans we write about. Steamy romance, whether implied in Ya or graphic in Paranormal erotica, has encreased by leaps and bounds since the e-book revolution and now knows no boundaries.
   Don't get me wrong, sex sells in any format but you have to have a good story to back it up. There still needs to be adventure, a plot, somewhere that this is all going. Without a good story line its just porn on paper.
   Fantasy, as wild and imaginative as it is, still has rules. If your reader does not find your characters and story believable you will lose their interest. Make the relationships between your human and non-human characters real. Give them a cause they both have a stake in (no pun intended), especially if its for different reasons. Obstacles that strengthen real life relationships are everywhere. Just give them a little  twist.
   So, what makes it hot? Dark and dangerous delivers whether you dash it with a little pepper or turn on the hot suace. Romance appeals to the heart and the paranormal infuses it with the thrill of the fantastic, something we all want a little bite of (I just can't help myself).